HDR47E3 - over 2500 nits peak brightness

The HDR47E3 is the entry level product of the HDR monitors line. It features the same interface and processing features of the other products while using less expensive optical and power driver components.

  • Over 2500 nits max brightness
  • High efficiency
  • New power management
  • HDR LCD Display with 2202 individually controlled LED backlight modulation
  • Full HD 1920x1080 progressive scan resolution
  • Real open format HDR input through a standard DVI hardware bus
  • DVI Plus mode allowing complete control over the monitor panel and backlight

Discover all the proprietary technologies and engineering peculiarities, making our HDR47 series of monitors unique products, in the TECHNOLOGY SECTION of the website.
You will discover how you can leverage them for reaching your goals for high dynamic range visualization requirements.

Typical Applications

The HDR47E3 features all the processing and interface qualities which made of our monitors a landmark for HDR visualization, while trading some of the peak brightness for a significantly lower building cost. With a max luminance over 2500 nits, the HDR47E3 is more than twice as bright compared to the best HDR TV set on the market. 

No compromise has been made on image quality or reliability, the HDr47E3 is the perfect working tool for every application requiring anything less than a blinding brightness level.

Discover a quick list of typical applications for which our customers have found it being a game changer in the APPLICATIONS SECTION , some of them are:

  • University and Research Centers
  • HDR Imaging applications
  • HDR post production
  • Paychophisical Evaluation


Evaluating the real world performances of such a peculiar product requires to understand how the astonishing figures translates into real images. Have a quick peek at out PERFORMANCES PAGE where you will find a quick summary of the most important facts and figures to take into account on the matter.

Find below a table of the general specifications shared by all the monitors

Electronics and display
Display 47” LCD panel native 16/9 format
Type LCD TFT Display with LED Back Light Unit
Back Light Technology 2202 independently controlled LEDs for local dimming, custom technology
Resolution FULL HD (1920x1080 pixels)
Pixel pitch 0,5415mm x 0,5415mm
Active Screen 1021x572mm
Peak Brightness (from 5% to 50% of the panel area) According to models
Brightness with full white screen >2300 cd/m2
Brightness uniformity +/- 10% (90%) (ANSI 9 points)
Contrast from 16 to 17.5 f/stops
FULL ON/OFF Contrast virtually infinite
Color gamut >90% of Rec 709 color gamut (VESA 302-4 )
Color uniformity ∆u’, v’ < 0,002 (VESA 306-1,5)
White point native 6000K +/- Totally adjustable in Normal mode (5000k – 9000k)
LED B.L.U. life time > 20.000 hours
Number of colors 1,048,576 shades per primary colour
Internal processing proprietary >30 bits/Colour on Programmable Logic
Viewing Angle (V&H) +/- 85°
Typical response time 5ms
1x CVBS1  
1 x VIDEO on BNC  
1 x S VIDEO  
1 x RGB on HD15,  
1 x RGBs/YPrPb (4 x RCA)  
1 x RGBs/YPrPb (4 x BNC)  
2 x HDMI 1,3 single link specification up to 165MHz  
1 x HD-SDI Dual Link & 3G RGB  
1 x DVI  
1 x RS232 (D-sub 9 pin x 1)  
1 x USB 1.1 (2.0 compatibile).  
General Information
Power Supply 100-230VAC, 50/60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption <1500 W
Stand by POwer Consumption < 5W
Weight (approx.) 45kg (without optional base); 3kg (base)
Dimensions HDR47 1106 x 650 x 160
Packaging Dimension 1220 x 680 x 940
Mounting Interface available , on request , accessory to provide an interface compliant to Flat Display Mounting Interface Standard (FDMI) - Ver. 1 Rev 1 - VESA-2006-2
Cabinet colour Matte Black
Operating temperature 5° to 35 °C
Transportation temperature -15 to 55 °C
Storage temperature -15 to 55 °C
Humidity 20% to 95% non condensing



Specification Sheet


Technical Whitepaper