CAD/CAM, rendering and virtual prototyping for Automotive, Architecture and more

Computer generated images have always been a sure bet for HDR. This was an absolute truth at the time of HDR47E introduction to the market, when HDR camera were nothing more than prototypes, while simulation systems could easily output high dynamic range images.
Computer Aided Design and rendering should be seen as parts of an holistic process. Modern engineering tools are more and more meant to include the whole creation process from sketch, to structure definition, down to final appearance. In our experience, HDR visualization have proved useful in many stages of the process:
engineering of components pertaining the human perception such as car dashboard, internal car illumination, external car light styling, architectural light distribution and interaction
rendering of the final result of a product or a project. Examples are car bodies under very different light conditions and architectural projects/buildings.
We have long time experience in collaborating with major software suppliers in the field such as Optis and PiVr.