Calibration on hardware

When talking about calibration for the HDR47E monitors, we are talking about something totally different form traditional methods.
Traditional calibration consists in measuring the output of a given input and applying some correction , usually through lookup tables, in order to have them matching. Everything in between is just ignored.
Calibration on the HDR47E can be called Absolute Calibration and only involves the monitor, independently from the source. 
It applies to HDR mode and basically consists in making sure that for any given input level (a fictional value of brightness 1000) the output on the screen is 1000 nits. The same applies for colour coordinates. Obviously this is valid within the monitor hardware rendering capabilities.
With this method, the monitor output is constant and independent from the source specifications. Changing the source software or workstation does not affect the results, opening to a whole range of opportunities. The most evident is to arrange direct comparisons between different systems without the hassle of defining artificial common anchor points.

The calibration process is performed using the EasySolar PRO software suite. It can be completed automatically using SIM2 custom probe, or manually entering the measured values from any other probe already owned by the user.