Data inputs, encoding and signal processing

Calibration on hardware

When talking about calibration for the HDR47E monitors, we are talking about something totally different form traditional methods.
Traditional calibration consists in measuring the output of a given input and applying some correction , usually through lookup tables, in order to have them matching. Everything in between is just ignored.
Calibration on the HDR47E can be called Absolute Calibration and only involves the monitor, independently from the source. 

Creating an HDR image, internal signal processing and integration

Today video contents market requires to deal with both low and high dynamic range data. Even more challenging is the fact that the high dynamic range contents comes from many different origin and specifications.

SIM2 engineer managed to take in to account the unavoidable complexity providing the users with unrivalled flexibility with very little tradeoff in terms of ease of use.

Committment to an open model

One of our main guidelines, since the very first steps of our high dynamic range monitor project, have been the creation of open and flexible working tools.Such effort is really apparent in every single aspect, from building to interaction.
As we all know, most of the time an open approach is also a reliable and affordable one.

Data input modes and processing

SIM2 focus on building a flexible and open system resulted in an unique peculiarity of the HDR47E: the flexibility in the inputs selection including true HDR data feed.

All the monitors of SIM2 HDR47E series provide 3 working modes in order to manage different inputs signal and working situations:



  • DVI-Plus MODE