Real world performances


When dealing with contrast figures of HDR47E series monitors, their specific hardware peculiarities must be taken into account. 
Full ON full OFF contrast is virtually infinite: when a totally dark image is visualized, the monitor can turn the relevant LEDs off, resulting in a zero value light level.  

Calibration on hardware

When talking about calibration for the HDR47E monitors, we are talking about something totally different form traditional methods.
Traditional calibration consists in measuring the output of a given input and applying some correction , usually through lookup tables, in order to have them matching. Everything in between is just ignored.
Calibration on the HDR47E can be called Absolute Calibration and only involves the monitor, independently from the source. 


HDR47ES6MB - over 6000 nits peak brightness

The HDR47ES6MB is the latest hardware revision and the top of the line from our well known high dynamic range monitor series.